What Being Creative Means to Me


Name: Shannon

Studying: Bachelor of Creative Industries (Media and Journalism)

Being creative to me means thinking outside of the box and taking up a challenge. Through elements like dance, music, colours and words, the possibilities are endless and are great in filling the mind with ideas and inspiration. It’s also about embracing your creative self, and sharing creativity with the people around you.

As I’m in my final year studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries, I hope to actively spread creativity by publishing engaging content focused on tourism, culture and travel while constantly exercising creativity in the journalism and media communications industry.

When it comes to trouble expressing creatively, the secret is to constantly expose yourself to creative works, while trying to come up with creative works yourself. It also helps to speak your thoughts out loud and write them down so you don’t lose them in a heartbeat. Ideas have an easier flow when they’re not stuck in your head, after all!

With Generate coming up, what I’m looking forward to the most is Createopia - with so many workshops to join, there’s no harm in learning a new skill, gaining inspiration and creating awesome masterpieces to take home with pride!

Name: Sam

Studying: Bachelor of Creative Industries (Creative & Professional Writing and Entertainment)

My motivation behind being creative is to express and evoke emotion. Having a creative outlet allows me to tell my stories and share my ideas, and hope that they resonate with people. I want to do to others what so many songs, films and books have done to me in the past.

I’m currently in my last year of studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries, majoring in Creative and Professional Writing and Entertainment. I’m hoping that studying this will assist me in getting a job in music journalism and/or events. I love to write about music and music events, and hope to, one day, run my own music festival. I also hope to get my band off the ground and get a script of mine into production, but hey, a man can dream.

Whenever I’m stuck for inspiration, the best thing I can do is immerse myself in creativity. Reading, watching something or listening to music can really get the creative juices flowing. That’s why I’m keen for Generate Festival. I’m most keen for the main stage entertainment. Live music is the rawest form of music, and brings out the best of those performing. It always inspires me to see people doing what they love and sharing their art with others.

Name: Carly

Studying: Bachelor of Creative Industries (Creative & Professional Writing and Literature)

To me, creativity is a safe place. It appeals to me because I can break the boundaries of the norm; there’s no right or wrong. It’s the ability to burrow into the deepest depths of your imagination and construct something original. Being creative is holding that finished product, be it a novel or a painting or whatever it is that you desired, and swelling with pride due to what you have achieved.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries, majoring in Creative & Professional Writing and Literature. As this is my final year of university, my impending future looms. At this stage, I wish to pursue a career in the book publishing industry so I can surround myself with other people’s creativity every day.

That is one of my tips in order to retain a sense of creativity; immerse yourself in it and be inundated by inspiration. Visit places such as Generate, a festival dedicated to celebrating imagination.

I am most excited for the laser show finale at Generate. The atmosphere of the light show fused with thumping music will be sure to ignite inspiration from anyone!

Unleash your Inner Artist

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