The Moreton Bay Region isn’t just nature and adventure – art is everywhere if you keep an eye out for it! For all things creative in Caboolture this October, the 2 day Generate Festival has you covered. But what about after the event? If you’re inspired and want to flex your creative muscles after the event there are plenty of things to do to get your creative juices flowing.

1.Art Galleries


2.Public art trails

Take a stroll down and examine the artworks from our wonderful artists in the Moreton Bay Region. Public art trails are everywhere in the region – from the Windows of Woodford of the Hinterlands to the Redcliffe Foreshore Public Art Trail on the coast.

3.At Home

There are plenty of things you can do at home to get creative! For example:

Get your hands dirty by making your own paint of all kinds of colours! Coffee, beetroot juice and berries all make great natural water colours.


Getting crafty has its benefits and rewards, and there’s so much to do to get your craft on! From string art to Paper Mache and handmade bookmarks, you’ll find yourself in a state of creativity.


Relax and unwind with classic favourites like playdough and Lego blocks! The possibilities are endless with play dough, so go beyond your imagination and make anything you want. Or maybe be your own architect with Lego Blocks? But whatever you do, don’t step on them!

4.Get sketching at your local park

Not sure where to start on your creative journey? Head to Generate on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 of October to explore lots of different mediums. From paintings to light installations to breakdancing, there is something that is sure to spark a creative idea in you.